[svlug] ubuntu 14.04 where are the wifi tables stored?

Rick Moen rick at svlug.org
Fri Jan 16 23:14:11 PST 2015

Jesse Monroy wrote:

> ubuntu 14.04 where are the wifi tables stored?
> So, I need to remove this previous wifi record form that wifi table.
> Does someone know where this table is at [...]?

Ubuntu defaults to using a GNOME front-end applet thing called
NetworkManager to keep track of wireless connections and issue the calls to
the real utilities like iwconfig that get the actual work done.

Have a look in


No guarantees, but docs about NetworkManager suggest the list will be
maintained there.

Strictly speaking, NetworkManager is not GNOME-specific because of its
modular design, e.g., it has an ncurses front-end called 'nmtui', and
there's a third-party command-line tool called cnetworkmanager.  The GNOME
front-end is, IIRC, 'nm-applet', though the exact binary names might differ
between distros.


Speaking of distros, a suggestion:  In the future, it might be best to
determine what application you're inquiring about, and specificy it, so that
you are not limiting your help request to be addressed to only users of one
specific distribution.  E.g., I don't use Ubuntu, _but_ because I knew you
were actually trying to ask about NetworkManager, I was able to look up the
information you needed.  But you would have reached a larger pool of helpers
if you'd been able to say 'Where does NetworkManager store its list of known
wifi connection data?'  Thus my point.

(I don't actually have a very high opinion of NetworkManager, mostly because
it's yet another bloated dependency hairball, makes rather too many
decisions on the user's behalf and does so pretty badly[1], and is joined at
the hip to PolKit and similar freedesktop.org spaghetti code.  There are a number
of more modest alternatives, starting with wicd, ceni, wpa_supplicant,
ConnMan, and good old editing /etc/network/interfaces followed by running

[1] Old but still on-point:

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