[svlug] How do you boot using the tiny little Linux SD card on the PengPod 1000 ?

Don Saklad dsaklad at gnu.org
Fri Jan 16 16:31:21 PST 2015

Tried VolumeDown and PowerButton but nothing happened !

A handmade instruction sheet indicates ". To boot into Linux you must
have either a Linux SD card or a device flashed with Linux. To boot from
the Linux SD, starting in Android, insert the card (it will show as
'damaged') and reset the device. The screen should be blank for 15-30
seconds then boot into Linux."

>> How do you boot using the tiny little Linux SD card on the PengPod1000 ?
>> There's a rocker button and another button to the right along the top edge. There's a reset button on the back.
>> Is there a) a combination?... and/or
>> b) an order to use the buttons?... and/or
>> c) a length of time?... holding to activate the buttons.

Marco Walther <marco at sonic.net> writes:
> Usually, you boot an Android device into the bootloader by:
> * Power off
> * Hold VolumeDown button/rocker

Is VolumeDown the left or the right?

> * Press the PowerButton until feedback

No feedback appeared !

> Now you should be in the bootloader. From there it's more device dependent:-(
> Usually, you can't really boot `from SD', you would have to backup/flash the boot image. But I don't have that tablet and it looks like 
> went away already:-( So I'm not sure how much info you can still find.
> Sorry,
> -- Marco

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