[svlug] Debian Upgrade 7.8

Rick Moen rick at svlug.org
Fri Jan 16 00:46:53 PST 2015

Scott DuBois wrote:

> So I just went through my first upgrade from 7.7 to 7.8 and it was _not_
> fun.

I must start with the disclaimer that I haven't run Debian Stable on
anything in a dog's age.  So, I am outside my direct experience here, at
least speaking of recent experience.

That having been said, I could have sworn that '7.8' is basically the
seventh revision to the _installation media_ for Debian 7.0 'wheezy', merely
updating some of the packages included on those Official Debian CD and DVD

So, my recollection of the standard way of doing things on Debian Stable is
that you just periodically do 'apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade',
like, weekly or so, and get a slow trickle of ongoing package updates.  You
therefore shouldn't ever have even been aware of a '7.8' existing as opposed 
to a '7.7'.  Basically, the intended model, as I remember it, is that you
use the Debian Stable installation media du jour to create a running Debian
Stable system, and from that point forward you barely ever notice full
releases (like 7.x going to 8.x), and certainly would have no reason to ever
notice point-releases that are, in fact, merely refreshes of the
installation images. 

And, the point is, after you've installed Debian Stable, you would have no
reason to even pull down later / revised installation images, right?

So, I'm obliged to ask:  What exactly did you do?

Did you, perchance, decide to download and boot from the Debian 7.8
installation media?

If so, then, as the old technical support joke goes, Don't Do That, Then.

If I'm missing the context, on the other hand, please explain, as so far, I
am not understanding what you did.

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