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Thu Jan 15 20:02:58 PST 2015


Distribution quotation of the week
[Posted January 14, 2015 by ris]

  Speaking of Android....  Did you realize that you can currently get Adobe
  Photoshop and Microsoft Office (in beta) that run natively on Android?  I've
  got an Android-powered laptop here running both, which means I'm running
  Photoshop and MS Office natively on my Linux-powered computer.  Ever heard
  anyone say something like "I would use Linux... but I need Microsoft
  Office"?  Well, it's here.  On Linux.  Look out your window.  Go ahead.  Stand
  up, walk over to your window, and take a look out.  Those pink things in the
  sky?  Yeah.  Those are pigs.  And, boy howdy, are they flying.
                                   -- Bryan Lunduke (via NetworkWorld)

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