[svlug] segregate GUI rubbish was: Migration to Debian

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at webthatworks.it
Mon Jan 5 03:43:33 PST 2015

On 01/05/2015 05:32 AM, Scott DuBois wrote:

> Well, I read this email a bit late and attempted to install an Adobe Reader
> 9.5.5 .deb file which I ended up 'forcing' an install on. This ended up being an
> absolute f-up as it got installed, yeah, but then wouldn't launch. Frustrated, I
> turned, again, to Google and figured out to get Acroread through synaptic which
> gave me errors because of the force install of the Adobe Reader package. Long
> story short, I got it all working.

I just walked into this while I was trying to remember how lxc works:

lxc had (and maybe still have) its containment problems, but it is very
light, and fast to setup, start and clone being a container and it could
really come handy for your use case.
Acroread has an awful security history and eg. skype pollute your system
with i386 dependencies that are anachronistic on a Linux system and that
may keep back updates that you may find interesting once you move to sid.

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo

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