Re: [svlug] I've heard someone talking about Arduino Yún

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at
Sat Jan 3 13:49:02 PST 2015

On 01/03/2015 07:10 PM, Marco Walther wrote:

>> I'd like to find something with higher specs than arduino for the analog
>> part, but still I think I could have a nice ride.
> The analog part of an Arduino isn't that bad. If you really need/want
> more, I think you would have to look into dedicated ADCs with better
> resolution. The Arduino Yún has the same ATmega32u4 as the Arduino
> Leonardo for the IO tasks. (I have not played with it, that's one of the
> ones I don't [yet] own;-) But I have enough Arduino's from the Mega ADK
> to the Micro and Pro's;-)

I'm not really sure if I really need beefier analogic HW, but I've
something to play with where I'd see a pic as a better coprocessor than
the atmel (dsp and pwm?).

The Yun is very nice since at least it comes with a Linux part that is
ready to use, but I really would like to feel comfort and have fun and
be able to have debian there.

>> I don't need a GPU or wifi, I need a real eth (not a usb nightmare).
> The Raspberry Pi and the Beaglebone Black would both have a real
> ethernet and some IO connectivity. The Odroid U3 has the ethernet but
> for meaningful OI, you would need it's IO board. All of them have enough
> USB ports to connect WiFI/BT or whatever else. All three of them run
> Debian based Linux distributions (among others). The Yún seems to be
> OpenWRT based, which is OK but very different from Debian. I have
> currently four Raspberries (three in 24x7), one BBB (normally also in
> 24x7) and two Odroids (one U3 and a somewhat older/bigger X2). I also
> had a couple of OpenWRT routers (currently replaced by a WRT-1900AC:-(
> waiting for it's OpenWRT upgrade)

> So it really depends on what you need/want to do.

One of the things I was planning was driving pwm at 500KHz being able to
adjust the frequency in step of around 500Hz every 500ms.
I still haven't thought about how much RT math I've to do in those
500ms, a dsp could be welcome. But yeah, I'm daydreaming.

> linuxgizmos had a roundup of I believe 40+ small, single board computers
> at the end of the year. so there are options out there;-)
> (
> So it's really up to you, where to go;-)

Thanks, a good place to start.

> Some ideas of what I do actually make it into posts @
> ;-) Most Arduino & MCU related
> posts started in October 2012;-)

> Let me know when you have specific questions. I don't promise, I know
> the answer, but I can certainly help finding it;-)

Just the list you sent me will keep me busy for months ;)

Actually I saw many boards that have interesting prices and hw specs, I
just have to check which one has the best linux support so to make it
easy to install debian.

I just have to test koa on node.js and I'll find some time to chose and
by one.

thanks, the linuxgizmos list was really a good place to start, it gives
me some hope I'll have fun.

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo

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