Re: [svlug] I've heard someone talking about Arduino Yún

Marco Walther marco at
Sat Jan 3 10:10:24 PST 2015

On 01/03/2015 05:13 AM, Ivan Sergio Borgonovo wrote:
> I'd like to have some fun with something that can run Linux but is
> equipped with things you generally find in other kind of processors
> (i2c, adc, gpio, pwm...).
The combination of both makes it really interesting;-)

> I'd like to find something with higher specs than arduino for the analog
> part, but still I think I could have a nice ride.
The analog part of an Arduino isn't that bad. If you really need/want 
more, I think you would have to look into dedicated ADCs with better 
resolution. The Arduino Yún has the same ATmega32u4 as the Arduino 
Leonardo for the IO tasks. (I have not played with it, that's one of the 
ones I don't [yet] own;-) But I have enough Arduino's from the Mega ADK 
to the Micro and Pro's;-)

> I don't need a GPU or wifi, I need a real eth (not a usb nightmare).
The Raspberry Pi and the Beaglebone Black would both have a real 
ethernet and some IO connectivity. The Odroid U3 has the ethernet but 
for meaningful OI, you would need it's IO board. All of them have enough 
USB ports to connect WiFI/BT or whatever else. All three of them run 
Debian based Linux distributions (among others). The Yún seems to be 
OpenWRT based, which is OK but very different from Debian. I have 
currently four Raspberries (three in 24x7), one BBB (normally also in 
24x7) and two Odroids (one U3 and a somewhat older/bigger X2). I also 
had a couple of OpenWRT routers (currently replaced by a WRT-1900AC:-( 
waiting for it's OpenWRT upgrade)

So it really depends on what you need/want to do.

> I definitively would like to be able to install Debian with not too much
> hassle or no hassle at all.
> I'd prefer ARM to MIPS, but it is not a requirement.
> I want something I can see working without having to resort to soldering
> so I don't have to depend on my minions.
> Plugging some led and a serial cable should be enough.
> Any other candidate other than Yun?
linuxgizmos had a roundup of I believe 40+ small, single board computers 
at the end of the year. so there are options out there;-) 
So it's really up to you, where to go;-)

Some ideas of what I do actually make it into posts @ ;-) Most Arduino & MCU related 
posts started in October 2012;-)

Let me know when you have specific questions. I don't promise, I know 
the answer, but I can certainly help finding it;-)

Have fun exploring;-)
-- Marco

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