[svlug] hosting provider options?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Dec 16 18:35:21 PST 2015

Quoting Marc MERLIN (marc_news at merlins.org):

> Howdy,

(Look at you, all West Coast American.)

> Let's say I have a 15 year old linux machine that's happily running my own
> debian and doing stuff like my own Email, DNS, http, ftp, and more, and that
> I'm now being charged $60/month by the hosting provider (2U), which seems
> a bit higher than necessary.

Have you considered:

1.  Building a new physical machine (quiet, low-power) and system build, 
    and then
2.  Hosting it on a static IP at your house?

Much depends on what good broadband providers serves your address and
what they charge for a /30 or /29 netblock, but it could be the right 
compbination of price and service, depending on your needs and the
provider options in your area.

I think it's pretty cool to have a local server that's puppet- or
chef-managed.  For my needs, Raw Bandwidth aDSL has been good --
especially since squirrel-damaged telco cable got replaced a month

> What are my options to do:
> 1) virtual machine with virtual serial port/console where I can just slap my
>    image (minus the kernel) and be done with it
> 2) some place where I'll send a bunch of dockerized images of my services,
>    but that would still run on a real static IP.

To paraphrase jwz's comment about sed, 'Someone had concerns about
Internet security, and thought "I know!  I'll use Docker."  Now, that
person had two problems.'

> I just don't have a good feel of what I'd have to pay for traffic vs per
> terabyte of storage vs the reliability/failover options.

You _can_ have automatic failover right inside your home network, along
with automated backup to a target at the far side of your house (or
offsite if you wish), and then you can deploy all the cheap disk you
want, at no extra charge.

There are some rewards to having your own machine on your own premises.
(OTOH, I'm sure few colos or VPS providers have needed to worry about

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