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On Tue, 25 Nov 2014 09:37:19 -0800
Kevin Rossi <lister90 at bluehatsoft.com> wrote:

> List,
> I want to get a website developed (small -- 3-5 static pages and a few
> frames of dynamic contents and contact information for my business).
> I have the domain name, but I have no idea how to proceed or
> subcontract. Here are my list of issues.
> I got the domain name registered with godaddy, through google. Now,
> how do I develop a web site? I tried google apps (site builder?) but
> realized that it is only for the company intranet. May be my
> understanding is wrong, but how do I proceed?
> If I want to subcontract, how do I make sure about the credential of
> the company before I hand over the admin login/password combo? Is
> that even necessary if I get a tar file of all contents? Is someone
> in the list has a referral? My budget is a little tight, does anyone
> know the ballpark?
> Well, if this mail does not make much sense, that indeed shows how
> much web technology I know. Please ask questions so that I can do
> some research and find out what I want and how to get it done...

I think the first question you should answer is this: What do you want
your website to do for you? Do you want it as a resource for your
existing customers only, or do you want it to attact new customers. Do
you want it to reflect you in a certain light, and if so, what light?

You also need to ask yourself the wants, needs, and beliefs of your
customer base. Do they like pretty, or do they like utility, or do they
like succinct?

Only after answering these , and many similar questions will you know
whether you're better off making it yourself in LibreOffice and
exporting to HTML, or whether to hire an artist and coder and SEO
expert. Or one of the many, many alternatives between those two


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