[svlug] questions on web site development

Kevin Rossi lister90 at bluehatsoft.com
Tue Nov 25 09:37:19 PST 2014

I want to get a website developed (small -- 3-5 static pages and a few
frames of dynamic contents and contact information for my business). I have
the domain name, but I have no idea how to proceed or subcontract. Here are
my list of issues.

I got the domain name registered with godaddy, through google. Now, how do
I develop a web site? I tried google apps (site builder?) but realized that
it is only for the company intranet. May be my understanding is wrong, but
how do I proceed?

If I want to subcontract, how do I make sure about the credential of the
company before I hand over the admin login/password combo? Is that even
necessary if I get a tar file of all contents? Is someone in the list has a
referral? My budget is a little tight, does anyone know the ballpark?

Well, if this mail does not make much sense, that indeed shows how much web
technology I know. Please ask questions so that I can do some research and
find out what I want and how to get it done...

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