[svlug] Wifi on other channels

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Fri Nov 21 11:26:41 PST 2014

JC Lawrence writes:
> > Many network cards are capable of all channels but try to find a way to
> > determine what country they're in so that they don't break local laws.
> > Cell phones usually use cell location or the type of SIM plugged in.
> > Laptops often rely on the driver to tell them what country they're in and on
> > linux this can be recompiled/tweeked or sometimes changed from userspace.
> Yeah, that's what we're playing with.  Slow going.

I haven't worked with non-US channels, but is it beyond what you
can do with a command like

iwconfig wlan0 channel N freq N.NNN[k|M|G]



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