[svlug] X Sessions

Marco Walther marco at sonic.net
Fri Nov 14 00:54:21 PST 2014

On 11/13/2014 10:34 PM, Scott DuBois wrote:
> On 11/13/2014 09:25 PM, Marco Walther wrote:
>> Can you try something?
>> * In your first X session, can you lock your screen. Do you see an
>> option to start a new session on the lock-screen?  I do;-)
> Changed drivers to latest and greatest NVidia: 331.38
I'm running /usr/src/nvidia-340.32/ ;-) Found somewhere on the nvidia 
site;-) But for me, the second display did work for some time;-)

-- Marco

> Same issue at lock-screen; start new session, screen goes black and old
> session comes back. What the hell!

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