[svlug] HTTPD Config Settings

Jesse Monroy jesse650 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 23:59:15 PST 2014

You should try the "Redirection 3xx", especially 301, 304, 307 & 308

On this note, 301 should be used when pages are removed, but often
website just take down the webpages and external links breaks.
Online magazines and newspapers are notorious for NOT redirecting

You should also do a custom 404, both static and dynamic.
Rarely done, but would be nice is a custom 500 "Internal Error."
You might also consider 414 "URI too long" & 415 "Unsupported media type."


One other thing to try is URL rewriting, which is common for
PHP and other scripting engines/servers.



On 11/11/14, DuBois, Scott <sdubois at linux.com> wrote:
> So lately I've been doing a bunch of HTTPD configuration practices using
> AWS as a platform going from Ubuntu to SUSE and Red Hat setting up Apache
> and CGI capabilities on each. What are some of the other settings I could
> practice on an HTTPD server that are fairly common? Since these are simple
> VM instances, I don't think I can build multiple hosts to varying IP
> addresses so I need some ideas thrown at me.
> Also, since I'm trashing these instances after I get them configured, it'
> not like I want to spend a ton of time on each. Just get them up and
> working, take a screenshot, kill it and repeat. Practice.

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