[svlug] Files That Will Not Delete

Rick Moen rick at svlug.org
Tue Nov 4 13:52:46 PST 2014

Scott wrote:

> For those interested in listening to how Steve Gibson at GRC describes
> drive technology and how his product SpinRite deals with it:
> https://www.grc.com/sr/whatitdoes.htm

Ja, well....

I should not comment on what recent versions of SpinRite do
and do not do, as I lack sufficient knowledge to address that with any
certainty, or anything beyond a whiff of oil that might have come from 
herpetological specimens (if you catch my drit).  The video presentation you
cite doesn't really say in any meaningful way, either.  Gibson relies on
some abstract metaphors and a large load of elemental handwavium.

Back twenty years ago in the era of MFM drive technology, it was credible
that a tool like SpinRite might be able to work through the very, very
rudimentary electronics well enough to directly manage the basic track data, 
and I did use it back then, and it seemed to do real good.  _But_ I have
grave doubts that his software can manage anything like that through
PATA/SATA or SAS electronics, for reasons mentioned upthread.

You will probably find that many people sprinkle a figurative grano salis
over anything Mr. Gibson says about computer technology, period, as he has 
a... checkered?...  record.  Better that we don't get into that, but have a
look at the 'controversies' section of the Wikipedia page for the barest
taste of that, and the related talk page for a bit more unrestrained

And don't get me started on mocking 'Shields Up'.

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