[svlug] Your Wonderful ISP

Scott DuBois sdubois at linux.com
Mon Nov 3 07:38:59 PST 2014

On 11/02/2014 06:34 PM, Mark Weisler wrote:
> My experience with Comcast, 11 years ago, was very bad.
> I declined to give a reason why I was canceling their service but the
> reason was that I was switching to Raw Bandwidth with whom I have been
> happy since.
> "The only consumer survey that matters has found that among all
> businesses across every industry, Comcast <http://bgr.com/tag/comcast>
> and Time Warner Cable <http://bgr.com/tag/time-warner-cable> are the two
> most hated companies in America. "
> So says...
> http://bgr.com/2014/05/20/comcast-twc-customer-satisfaction-survey-study/

Currently, I have no control over the ISP provider to the house as it's
in my in-laws name but, does anyone know "off-hand" what our options
might be in San Lorenzo other than Comcast or AT&T?

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