[svlug] Files That Will Not Delete

Scott DuBois sdubois at linux.com
Sun Nov 2 17:18:38 PST 2014

On 11/02/2014 05:10 PM, Michael Eager wrote:
> When it completes, run "smartctl -a /dev/sdd".

Ok, now since badblocks gave me _zero_ errors, what could we
_theoretically_ expect from running this test? Since this is my first
time running these tests, I do not know what I'm looking for or should
expect as a "baseline".

I'm also a little concerned since I was expecting badblocks to have a
runtime of between 3-4 days and it completed in just over 6 hours. Since
I posted my entered string, I'm confident I typed the operation to be
executed correctly. The file it produced had a null value associated
with it.

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