[svlug] Linux Users' Group of Davis, May 19: "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love SDL"

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Sat May 3 17:24:42 PDT 2014

The Linux Users' Group of Davis (LUGOD) will be holding the following meeting:

  May 19, 2014
  7:00pm - 9:00pm

  "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love SDL"

  presented by Adam Rippon,
  Creative Director, Muteki Corp
  and Board Certified Master Videogamesman at Gaijin Games

    This talk will cover the steps taken to remove the in-house libraries
    used by a game released commercially for the PlayStation 3 and Vita
    platforms ("Dragon Fantasy 2") and replace them with the cross-platform,
    open source Simple DirectMedia Layer collection of libraries
    <http://www.libsdl.org/>, for porting to Windows, Linux and
    other platforms.

    Today, the gaming world is far more fragmented than it has ever been --
    various environments and operating systems running on a variety of
    hardware platforms: computers, tablets, phones, home game consoles,
    handheld systems.  Therefore, porting is an absolute necessity for
    success in the market.

    SDL makes Linux support a snap, and Adam builds both his Linux and
    Windows versions using a single script, under Linux.  The challenge
    that remains is how to commercially distribute a binary version of
    the game for Linux, since tutorials and standards for doing so are
    not readily available.

About the speaker:

  Adam Rippon is Creative Director at The Muteki Corporation game
  Dragon Fantasy <http://mtki.co/df>, a retro-style role-playing game
  originally developed for iOS, and later ported to Android, Windows,
  Mac OS X, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.  Originally created as
  an homage to Adam's late father, it's a classic JRPG styled with
  8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System graphics and sounds.
  The game's follow-up, Dragon Fantasy Book 2 <http://mtki.co/df2/>
  (released for the PS Vita and PS3), was styled using both high-quality
  modern graphics, and as a 16-bit Super Nintendo game.

  Adam is also Board Certified Master Videogamesman at
  Gaijin Games <http://gaijingames.com/>, publishers of the "BIT.TRIP"
  series and other titles, where he's currently porting a game from
  Flash to SDL.

This meeting will be held at:

  Yolo County Public Library, Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch
  Blancard Meeting Room
  315 East 14th Street
  Davis, CA 95616

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About LUGOD:

  The Linux Users' Group of Davis is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization
  dedicated to the Linux computer operating system and other Open Source
  and Free Software.

  Since 1999, LUGOD has held regular meetings with guest speakers
  in Davis, California, as well as other events in Davis and the greater
  Sacramento region.  Events are always free and open to the public.

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