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Eric De Mund ead-svlug at ixian.com
Wed Feb 20 13:43:11 PST 2013


Reliability-wise, do I have any broadband alternatives to Comcast? It
started out at $60 per month, which was barely tolerable as I don't
watch TV (and my package of Internet + TV was $5 less than the $65 it
would have cost me for Internet-only), but now it's just gone over $70.
Which is ridiculous.

Do I have broadband alternatives in Sunnyvale? I'm asking you good
people because your requirements are probably similar to mine.

o   I need it to be reliable. I can't have the connection going down for
    unscheduled maintenance for a couple of hours each month. In the
    middle of the workday, such as at midnight. Comcast has been
    reasonably good this way, in recent years, but I've heard horror
    stories about AT&T DSL.
o   I need it to not be ridiculously priced. (Is $40 or $50 per month
    with reliable service asking too much?)
o   I don't need static IP.
o   I don't even need it to be particularly fast. I don't stream
    torrents much, any more, nor do I stream movies or play network
o   I have a file server here that I ssh(1) in to from outside, but I'm
    generally not sloshing big gigabyte-sized files back and forth.

Do I have any alternatives? I'd like to hear what other South Bay-ish
folks are using, and learn of their cost and reliability.

This frog is starting to feel warm in the Comcast pot. Thank you,

p.s. I have no (or only an old, now 10-years-unused) DSL line coming
in to the apartment, and no active phone line. I'd run with AT&T's naked
DSL for $20 or $30, but I've heard horror stories about their reliability.
I'd run with Sonic's Fusion, but I *don't want* a phone line, and I don't
like that they're dependent on AT&T; I've heard mixed reports there, too.
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