[svlug] Hardware for a new server

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Feb 6 16:54:39 PST 2013

Quoting Dan Mashal (dan.mashal at gmail.com):

> I have extra hardware to spare. I'll talk to you tonight.

Appreciated, but....

Jim Stockford wrote:

> I, like a lot of others on this list, have some old tower and 1U
> machines that I'd be glad to let you have.

Appreciated, but...

I'm worried that I might somehow have been unclear(?!).

As people who've attended CABAL know, I already have piles of old,
hulking 2U and 1U rackmount servers, many of them with relatively modern

To repeat:  I'm intending to migrate from a huge noisy, power-sucking
rackmount server to something silent, small, power-thrifty, and highly
reliable with an expected problem-free service life through this decade.
Which means buying new, modern low-power parts.

I invited comments on the draft component selection.  So far:  crickets.

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