[svlug] Let's get small!

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Oct 9 20:26:39 PDT 2012

I've updated http://linuxmafia.com/bale/other.html#valinux to 
reflect the latest news about Geeknet, the firm formerly 
known as SourceForge, Inc., VA Software Corporation, VA Linux Systems,
Inc., VA Research, Inc., and the Fintronic Linux Systems division of
Fintronic USA, Inc. -- longtime sponsor of SVLUG and employer to and
many of us-all.

The news is that Geeknet recently sold its SourceForge, Slashdot, and
Freecode[1] Web properties to Dice.  That leaves former Andover.net
property Thinkgeek as the last company remnant.

(Well, unless you count http://www.valinux.co.jp/ .)

[1] Freecode is what used to be Freshmeat, though during a site makeover
most of the formerly useful contents and commentary were thrown away.

Cheers,                   The cynics among us might say:   "We laugh, 
Rick Moen                 monkeyboys -- Linux IS the mainstream UNIX now!
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