[svlug] My very own cloud file server?

Crawford Rainwater crawford.rainwater at linux-etc.com
Sat Nov 3 12:21:18 PST 2012

Bob and company:

You can use OwnCloud (http://owncloud.org ) for a "packaged" setup that is LAMP stack based.  We (Linux ETC) tested this out and secured it quite easily for a few clients considering this as an option.  I think the initial build on an Ubuntu 10.04LTS (before 12.04 days) took about 2 hours total including SSL'ing it on the outside.

On Dropbox, it is free to use for the 2GB size with up to 18GB total (depends on the number of referrals you have listing you as the "referee" of course; 500MB per referral though).  However, it is a third party cloud, so there are the legalities of property ownership and privacy of course.

Just a few ideas at the "KISS level".  There are a few more that would be a bit "more involved" depending on the end user or audience you wish to target of course which are DIY oriented.  


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> Subject: [svlug] My very own cloud file server?
> Megaupload disappeared and Dropbox can have a monthly fee.
> Let's say you wanted to create your own "cloud" storage that
> was visible on the Internet but that was located next to your
> DSL router or cable modem.   For discussion, let's say your
> cloud server is _outside_ your home firewall.
> 1) Which standard Linux packages would you want to include
>     on your device?
> 2) What protocols would you use for public access?
>    - http, ftp, webdav, smtp, git   ????
> 3) What would you do to lock-down the server?
>    - selinux, capabilities, non-executable stack ????
> 4) Access rights are read-only and read-write for the
>     "world", "friends", and "myself".   How would you
>     implement this for the file server piece?
> All suggestions and partial answers are welcome.
> thanks
> Bob Smith

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