[svlug] How can I get Firefox 4.0 for Ubuntu

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Tue Aug 21 16:56:20 PDT 2012

Jesse Monroy writes:

> Our shop has a requirement for a certain plugin that uses firefox 4.0+,
> but somehow it misses 14.0 as a candidate. Not sure why.
> In any case, I am looking to install firefox 4.x or better, if it
> will install on my laptop (Ubuntu/10.04 LTS)

You might want to look inside the XPI file (which is actually a zip
file) and examine the install.rdf.  There should be an <em:maxVersion>
referring to the highest version of Firefox that the XPI can be
installed on.  You could modify that value and update the XPI.

It's possible that the authors of your plugin knew a specific reason why
it wouldn't work on more recent versions of Firefox (there have been a
number of API changes which may make older add-ons fail to work properly),
but it's also possible that they just didn't anticipate future versions
as potential targets.

Using a very old Firefox without security patches can be a real security
risk because there are generally remote exploits against those versions
known that you won't be patched against.

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