[svlug] linux installation advice?

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If it is of too much trouble to use two laptops, you can use your Windows machine to run the linux. You can try Oracle Virtualbox software to run linux on virtual machine. Virtualbox is really good.

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Mac OS X is a Unix box, just open a Terminal window and there you go. But it sounds like that computer could use some maintenance / upgrading anyway.

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Finally this email list seems the right one. I wonder if I can ask you

a linux question. I don't follow the current state of art information

on linux now. So it is better to ask some expert if you are still

active in this field.

I need to get a laptop which runs a Unix or Linux command line prompt

to install Python, Hadoop, Cascading stuff.

Currently I have two laptops: a Win 7 Home and a Mac book pro (bought

in 2007 or 2008 probably). I don't want to wipe out the Windows laptop

to install Linux from scratch

since I use it currently. I don't use my Mac much. It seems to have

problems with the browser. Always freezing somehow. I don't mind

upgrade it.

I wonder what is the best option to install Linux and which flavor? I

think there are some virtual boxes stuff. Not sure if they are really

like a genuine linux box or any catches there. And I have no idea if

Mac can run a Linux box?

Thank you very much!



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