[svlug] Silicon Valley Swift Linux

Jason Hsu jhsu802701 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 12:56:38 PDT 2011

I've started a Linux distribution called Swift Linux
(http://www.swiftlinux.org), which offers the unique combination of
user-friendliness, a large repository (which Puppy Linux lacks), AND
enough speed to work on computers over 10 years old (which Linux Mint
and Ubuntu lack).  Come check out the latest version, 0.1.2.

As you can see on the Swift Linux page, the current special editions
(inspired by Hannah Montana Linux) are Taylor Swift Linux, Minnesota
Swift Linux, and Chicago Swift Linux.  These special editions are
Regular Swift Linux with special wallpaper and a special sound clip
that plays at startup.  (It's a marketing thing.)  In case you're
wondering, I'm originally from the Chicago area and currently live in

I'm considering adding Silicon Valley Swift Linux to the lineup. I'm
guessing that Silicon Valley has the highest concentration of Linux
users.  (Of course, I realize I could be wrong.)  For the startup
sound clip, I'm thinking of using a clip of the song "Do You Know the
Way to San Jose?"  (Or can you think of another song related to
Silicon Valley?  Or is there a particular sound that symbolizes
Silicon Valley?)

I'm looking for ideas on what kind of wallpaper to use.  The most
obvious is pictures of silicon chips or wafers, but I'd like to hear
your suggestions.  Are there any particular landmarks in Silicon
Valley I should use?  (Admittedly, I don't think Silicon Valley has
landmarks, or am I wrong?  I suppose I could use the Golden Gate
Bridge, but that's in San Francisco and is only near Silicon Valley
but not in it.)

Jason Hsu, founder and lead developer of Swift Linux

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