[svlug] Hi, Who know EBLug East Bay LUG? - domain expired?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Feb 25 14:15:06 PST 2011

Quoting James Briggs (james at ActionMessage.com):

> FYI: eblug.org expired on 02/15/2011 and is pending renewal or deletion. 

I strongly recommend that each LUG or other technical organisation 
relying on an Internet domain have at least a few people running
'domain-check'[1] as a weekly cronjob to remind them of pending renewals.

Experience shows that relying on just the domain registrar's renewal 
notices is risky, because inevitably the parties involved find ways to 
blackhole, misdeliver, or ignore the notices -- followed by massive
confusion and difficulty taking corrective action when the domain
accidentally expires.  (Notice that NetSol have taken the scummy step 
of concealing upon expiration the Registrant, Tech Contact, Admin
Contact, and Billing Contact within the public WHOIS, making it
difficult for concerned parties to get their attention and tell them to 
renew their damned domain NOW, while they still can.[2])

[1] The Perl version, not the shell one.

[2] In the first 40 days, the domain can be renewed by just paying the 
normal renewal.  Some registrars will accept renewal money from anyone;
others won't.  Next 30 days ('redemption period'), additional fees are 
required.  Last 5 days ('locked'), domain is in deletion phase.  75 days
out, it lapses back to unregistered and can be grabbed.

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