[svlug] I need to borrow a tractor-feed daisywheel printer

Luke S Crawford lsc at prgmr.com
Tue Feb 22 23:14:37 PST 2011

So, SCALE is this weekend, and perhaps against my better judgement,
I got a booth.   Anyhow, we're now scrambling to get banners and stuff.
A friend of mine has a giant plotter, so we're probably set on the 
actual graphical stuff.

But, the prgmr.com logos are all very, ah, acsii-art.  So, I was thinking,
it would be really cool to, for example, print my company name
using 'banner' on  tractor-feed paper.   

Anyhow, if anyone has such a printer and may be willing to let me
use it, lemme know.   I'll by paper/printer ribbon or whatever, 
and bring some tasty beverages or some other appropraite gift 
if such things are needed and available locally, but I'm leaving on 
Thursday, so if we can't get it done by then, there's not much point.

Oh, speaking of SCALE, I'm driving down in a minivan that has either 
1 free seat (if we load it up with crap and don't put the back
seats in ) or 3 free seats (if we can get everything in 
with the back seats in, which is starting to look unlikely)  
so if you need a ride down, let me know.  

I'm also looking for local vendors where I can buy cases of
'interesting' caffinated beverages, like bawls or jolt cola,
that I can use as swag.

Luke S. Crawford
http://prgmr.com/xen/         -   Hosting for the technically adept
http://nostarch.com/xen.htm   -   We don't assume you are stupid.  

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