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Midnight Commander (mc), character mode, from about 1994.



All of the Free Software that has been updated to support Unicode, or
written from scratch because of Unicode requirements. Character Map is
one I use very frequently. Although you can do Unicode in character
mode, and there are bitmap Unicode fonts to support this, most of this
class of software is dependent on graphics mode. For example, Okteta
is a graphics mode, Unicode-capable hex editor.

Sugar education software (Not for general use)

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 22:45, Seth David Schoen <schoen at loyalty.org> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm writing a Unix guide for a friend.  My ongoing search for
> what to mention, together with Eric's reference to agrep here,
> reminded me of a mailing list thread from about a decade ago,
> perhaps here on the SVLUG list, where people mentioned the programs
> that they would want people to know about that had been developed
> recently and wouldn't have been a part of older Unix documentation
> (or some long-time Unix users' education).  Some examples mentioned
> at the time were ssh, screen, and rsync, all of which were invented
> or became popular in the mid-1990s.

Compare Introduction to the GNU/Linux Command Line. (Disclosure: I
helped write it.)


> (It turns out screen is considerably older than the other two,
> but it didn't reach its wide popularity until later.)
> Can anyone suggest a new round of Unix software like this?  Things
> you use regularly that you wish you'd had when you started using
> Unix?  I'm particularly interested in text-mode software so I would
> exclude things like Audacity but include things like git.
> Or, what software do you install from optional packages that you're
> tempted to think should become a default part of all Unix systems?
> I think my newest example here is vipe, from GNU moreutils.
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