[svlug] Great recent Unix software

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sun Feb 13 19:45:30 PST 2011

Hi everybody,

I'm writing a Unix guide for a friend.  My ongoing search for
what to mention, together with Eric's reference to agrep here,
reminded me of a mailing list thread from about a decade ago,
perhaps here on the SVLUG list, where people mentioned the programs
that they would want people to know about that had been developed
recently and wouldn't have been a part of older Unix documentation
(or some long-time Unix users' education).  Some examples mentioned
at the time were ssh, screen, and rsync, all of which were invented
or became popular in the mid-1990s.

(It turns out screen is considerably older than the other two,
but it didn't reach its wide popularity until later.)

Can anyone suggest a new round of Unix software like this?  Things
you use regularly that you wish you'd had when you started using
Unix?  I'm particularly interested in text-mode software so I would
exclude things like Audacity but include things like git.

Or, what software do you install from optional packages that you're
tempted to think should become a default part of all Unix systems?
I think my newest example here is vipe, from GNU moreutils.

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