[svlug] Upgrading to grub2

Sanatan Rai sanatan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 02:08:34 PST 2011

> Most of the problem I had were related to grub missing to guess
> where my /boot and / were. At times LVM, DM and soft RAID had been a
> problem.
> If this is the problem you're facing you may still be unable
> to boot with not too much effort since you can edit those lines after
> boot in grub editor (e).
<rest snipped>

    Many thanks for this: useful reference for me.

    I solved this problem by re-running and choosing /dev/hda on the
second machine. It then rebooted without any problem. For the
first machine, the one on which I had chosen /boot, I used a Debian
install disc to enter rescue mode, and ran upgrade-from-grub-legacy,
choosing /dev/sda this time. It then rebooted fine.

    Sorry for panicking without having tried the saner approaches first.

Sanatan Rai
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