[svlug] Upgrading to grub2

Sanatan Rai sanatan at gmail.com
Sun Feb 6 14:26:46 PST 2011

   I just upgraded two of my home systems to Squeeze.

   As part of the upgrade, I get to use grub2. Both were running
a mostly Lenny system with a few things from testing (eg emacs).

   During the upgrade of the first system (64 bit m/c), I got the
config screen from grub2 and chose /boot. It complained about
installing on a partition other than the MBR. Now this system
boots into grub but doesn't seem to see anything. How do I fix

   The second system booted up, asking to `chain load to grub2',
booted up thereafter, and asked to run upgrade-from-grub-legacy.
When I run that, I get a screen similar to the first system, and got
the same complaint (ie installing to a partiction other than MBR).
I then reran it and chose all partitions, and got the same complaint.
I am now scared to reboot this machine as am afraid it would render
it unbootable.

   What am I doing wrong?

Sanatan Rai
3, Admirals Court,
30, Horselydown Lane,
London, SE1 2LJ.

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