[svlug] firefox plug-ins: TACO any issue I forgot?

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Tue Aug 16 10:27:26 PDT 2011

Rick Moen writes:
> Quoting Ivan Sergio Borgonovo (mail at webthatworks.it):
> That's because (going by the head code), ./firefox/install.rdf inside
> the .xpi file includes:
>         <em:minVersion>1.5</em:minVersion>
>         <em:maxVersion>5.*</em:maxVersion>
> If you wish to temporarily have a local barely-modified branch of the
> head code, just change that 5.* to 6.*, run 'make' to repackage (rezip)
> the .xpi archive, and see if it works.

You can even hack that in the files already installed in your profile,
and not have to generate a new xpi. I blogged it a while back:

> Of course, it's possible that Firefox's extensions interface has
> substantially changed; I wouldn't know.  But you could try it and find

Right. When you hack versions like this you take the risk that the
extension will blow up, delete all your files, report you to
Homeland Security, etc. But it's not likely; I've found it quite
rare for the Firefox API to break in a way that breaks plugins.


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