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Just filed an application for the picnic tomorrow. I won't be going but 
we do have 7 - 10 people. Michael mentioned a morning time will be ideal 
- so I reserved for 10 am - 2 pm. I hope that is OK with y'all.


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Subject: 	Blue Oak Ranch Reserve - Public application 8/13/2011
Date: 	Fri, 12 Aug 2011 11:04:53 -0700
From: 	information at blueoakranchreserve.org
To: 	mehmasarja at gmail.com

Your request to use the facilities has been received.
This is just a confirmation that your application is in the system.
You will be contacted soon regarding your application.

APPLICATION TITLE- SVLUG Picnic Tomorrow 13 Aug 11 in the Morning 10 - 2 for 7 to 10 People Including Children
RESERVE- Blue Oak Ranch Reserve -
FORM- Public
PRIMARY- Yudhvir S Sidhu
INSTITUTION- Silicon Valley Linux User Group -
PHONE- 408 779 6759
EMAIL- mehmasarja at gmail.com

USER- Yudhvir S Sidhu
GROUP- Silicon Valley Linux User GroupARRIVAL- 8/13/2011  Saturday                TIME- 10:00    AM
DEPARTURE- 8/13/2011  Saturday             TIME- 2:00    PM

This visit is a follow-up of Michael Hamilton's speaking engagement at our SVLUG monthly meeting. We request a tour and technical discussion of the reserve. The SVLUG speaker, Yudhvir, will not be attending.



Michael Hamilton, Director
University of California Berkeley
Blue Oak Ranch Reserve
23100 Alum Rock Falls Road
San Jose CA 95127

PHONE: 424-704-5908
information at blueoakranchreserve.org

Public access for recreation is not compatible with research and teaching uses; therefore, Blue Oak Ranch Reserve is not open to the general public.

Before any use is approved, you must talk to Michael Hamilton or Jeff Wilcox in order to discuss the limitations, constraints and acceptable uses for this new reserve. Over the next year our policies will be adjusted as facilities become available, but in the interim we will have to approve any application for use on a case by case basis.

Blue Oak Ranch Reserve is currently open for day use or overnight camping. During the rainy season access to the reserve will be highly restricted depending upon the road conditions. Please call us in advance of your arrival to get a road and weather report.

All visitors must have an approved application for use, and must sign a liability release waivers at the reserve office upon arrival. You may also email copies with electronic signatures.

Researchers are required to contribute copies of their maps, metadata on each data set, publicly accessable archival data, published papers, and reports of their investigations based on their use of the reserve. Of course, any use of archival data by future researchers on the site would require notification of the author(s) of the field data.

We require an research application from researchers and prefer it several months in advance of  your planned starting date and an annual update by September 1 each year. Your application should include (1) what you want to do, (2) how many persons will be involved and the timing of their visits, and (3) the overall time period for the project. Researchers who plan to use radio  telemetry must check the current list of radio frequencies in use at the reserve.  Contact the director to make sure the list is the most current before ordering radio  transmitters. Please read and become familiar with the Use Policies document.

We are requiring all researchers to fill out  descriptions (metadata) of any data sets they compile based on observations made at Blue Oak Ranch. This can be done online. Researchers are individually responsible for informing themselves about and obtaining any required state or federal permits to handle animals. All visitors must  sign in at the office when you arrive and depart. It is extremely important that gates remained closed and locked at all times due to wild pig encroachment.

Pets are not allowed. University of California policy is that all UC buildings are "Smoke Free".  NO SMOKING IN ANY BUILDING IS ALLOWED Smoking is dangerous all year as the natural vegetation here is quite flammable. State law limits smoking to the interior of vehicles or in designated areas as the Reserve is subject to potential  forest and brush fires for most months of the year. No insurance for liability or loss is provided by the University. NO CAMPFIRES or any other open fire is allowed except in the designated fire pit. Vehicles are not provided.

Firearms are not permitted; hunting and collecting are by permit only. Health hazards include poison oak, rattlesnakes, stinging ants, mountain lions, ticks (Lyme Disease), and potential exposure to Hanta virus via deer mice. Some neighbors allow research on nearby private lands; inquire with staff before approaching these individual landowners for permission to enter their lands.

Directions to Blue Oak Ranch Reserve:

 From the South: Take Highway 101 north to 680 north, and take the Alum Rock Avenue exit. Proceed east on Alum Rock Rd to Highway 130, the Mt Hamilton Road, and turn right. At this intersection check your odometer as you want to proceed on Mount Hamilton Road for exactly 6.7 miles. This is a narrow windy road, often with cyclists who have a death wish, so be cautious. At 6.7 miles there will be two gates on your left, and an old decrepit barn off in a field nearby. Turn left into the second of the two gates, ours is painted yellow with yellow fence and gate posts  as well as orange flagging. We have a sign indicating its the Reserve. The gate code will be provided once you submit an approved application and activity.

At this point the road is dirt/gravel but very passable, so proceed for approximately 1.5 miles where you will reach a second locked gate This is actually the Reserve boundary, and the same gate code applies. The gate needs to swing towards you so leave enough room. Proceed for another 2 miles and keep to the left at any road forks and it will lead to the reserve headquarters at the cedar barn with a green roof,  Unless you make other arrangements with staff, everyone must check in at the barn, deliver their signed waivers and receive instructions from either Mike or Jeff.

Always lock the gates behind you, and do not drive faster than 15 MPH.

 From Berkeley and NorCal: Find your way to Highway 880 south, and continue to Warren Ave./ Mission Blvd/262 exit to Highway 680 south (a newly constructed overpass as of 2008). Drive south towards San Jose on 680 for several miles and exit at Alum Rock Avenue. Turn left, or east towards the hills, and proceed through the small town and several lights until the road narrows to two lanes. Watch for the right hand merging turn onto Highway 130, and take the Mt Hamilton Road. Follow the directions above.

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