[svlug] PDF in a Kindle, etc.?

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Tue Apr 12 09:05:04 PDT 2011

John Conover writes:
> Is it possible to import a PDF document, (like the documentation to
> SAGE, SciLab, Octave, etc.,) into a Kindle?

I wrote a blog post about using ebook-convert (part of Calibre) to
convert PDF books to epub. Kindles don't read epub -- they use their
own proprietary format -- but I think it's based on mobipocket, so
you could probably use ebook-convert to make a .mobi file.

If that doesn't work, pdftohtml does a pretty good job with some
PDFs, though a terrible job with others.  Nobody I've asked seems to
know whether it's possible to transfer a collection of HTML pages
with images into a Kindle and read them there -- it claims to
support HTML, but is that just external web pages?

The Kindle, unfortunately, has the worst format support of the major
e-readers. On an Android device or a Nook, you'd have more choices.
Please report back on what ends up working for you on the Kindle.


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