[svlug] OpenIndiana joins Illumos

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Sep 21 20:52:26 PDT 2010

I mentioned earlier the leaking of an Oracle memo disclosing that they
were silently killing OpenSolaris -- something that came as no surprise,
and arrived almost simultaneously with a number of traditional Solaris
developers forming the Illumos project, to finish the job of
open-sourcing OpenSolaris and permanently free it of corporate bullshit.
(I freely translate.)  

Semi-independently but under the same Illumos Foundation umbrella group,
'OpenIndiana' has been launched to do specific OS releases based on the
Illumos development codebase that will be binary-compatible with
Oracle's Solaris releases going forward.  (To explain the name, Sun's
leading-edge effort to revamp traditional Solaris was called 'Project


Quoting the OpenIndiana wiki:

  Q:  What is the relationship between OpenIndiana and Illumos?

  A:  OpenIndiana provides a complete, ready-to-use operating system
  (distribution) similar to the OpenSolaris distribution. The Illumos
  Project develops the core software for the operating system such as the
  kernel. As Illumos is not a distribution, OpenIndiana will combine the
  Illumos core with additional software that Oracle still develops in the
  open. This is analogous to how Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu all use the
  Linux kernel and software from the GNU Project, but combine them with
  additional software to produce a complete system.

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