[svlug] Ubuntu, LAM and photo sharing site

Robert Hajime Lanning lanning at lanning.cc
Sat Sep 11 11:08:32 PDT 2010

Ehud Kaldor wrote:
> Hi all,
> Looking for some advice and opinion. I have a couple of old laptops that 
> I put ubuntu 4.10 on, with the intent of running a home server on, with 
> clustering. After reading some, decided to go with LAM/MPI as the basis, 
> but after installing, I can't find how to run things on it and what can 
> run. For example: can LAMEXEC run a virtualbox instance that would share 
> resources across? And how do you assign it with ip and storage?
> Also, I am looking for recommendation for a photo sharing site I can run 
> on it. The only one I know is gallery.

I believe you have the wrong idea for "clustering".

MPI (Message Passing Interface) is an API for compute clustering.  It 
has very special applications and programs have to be written 
specifically for it. (used for scientific computational projects)


Most likely you are looking for either an HA, PVM or IP load balancing 
cluster. (most likely HA or IP load balancing)

HA (High Availability)
PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine)
Load Balancing (standard in the Linux kernel now)


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