[svlug] How to sign a shell script?

Peter van der Linden pvdl at afu.com
Sat Sep 4 14:42:03 PDT 2010

Just treat it like an arbitrary text file, Bob.   There's a good  tutorial here:
You can bundle the signature into the file, or keep it separate.  Both ways are explained.

Another thing you could do is encrypt the file using your private key, and let users decrypt it with your public key.   If the decrypted result is a shell file, then it came from you.  (Or, more accurately, it was encrypted with your private key).



On Sep 4, 2010, at 1:58 PM, Bob Smith wrote:

> Does anyone here know a simple way to sign and check
> a shell script?  Sorry to ask but I guess I could not
> guess the magic words for Google.
> The idea is to build a shell script and to sign it
> using a private key.  Send the script to a remote
> device that has a certificate for the signing key.
> If the script is authenticated using the certificate
> it gets executed.
> So my questions:
>  - Is there a standard way to sign a shell script?
>  - If not, is there a standard way to sign a text file?
>  - What program or Debian package does the above?
>  - How do you verify a file from the command line?
>  - How do you verify a file from within C?
>  - In the script can I hide the auth info behind '#' chars?
> thanks
> Bob
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