[svlug] free mid-tower server to a good home

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Fri Sep 3 06:04:56 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I just moved, and I have an Athlon Thunderbird 1.33GHz machine (32bit) I
need to give away.  It's been sitting in my closet turned off for a good
2 years now.  It's in an Antec P180 case[1] (*not* the "mini" P180),
which has 11 drive bays (5 external).  I believe it has an Abit BE6
motherboard in it (not 100% sure; it's been a while since I last cracked
it open).  Nvidia GeForce 5700LE graphics (AGP 2x or 4x).

Possible issues:

* It has 512MB of RAM, and I'm pretty sure one of the 128MB sticks
(don't know which) has some bad areas (needed to use the kernel BadRAM

* It has no hard drives.  I do, however, have three 300GB IDE drives
(currently in USB enclosures) that I'd be happy to part with for a small
fee, though I'll have to dig them out and wipe them first.

* As I said, I haven't turned it on for 2 years.  It may or may not
actually work, and I don't want to unbox it and find a monitor to attach
(I don't have one) to test it.  So this is totally an as-is deal.


* It has a Plextor DVD burner in it.  I think.  It might just be a CD
burner, but I'm pretty sure it's a DVD burner (single layer).

* It has one of the original Sound Blaster Live! cards, with the extra
digital connector thingy.

* 10/100 ethernet, nothing special.

* Pretty sure it has a Firewire 400 card in it as well.

If you're interested, drop me an email.  Pick up would be at my office
in Santa Clara (near Tasman and Great America).  Bonus points if you can
take it off my hands today (Friday) just so I can get it out of my trunk
and won't have to lug it up to my new apartment.


[1] The silver version of this guy --

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