[svlug] RANT: Ubuntu is Evil

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Jan 17 17:18:23 PST 2010

Oh, by the way:

Quoting Chris Miller (lordsauronthegreat at gmail.com):

> The provisions that all software must use the GPL or a "compatible"
> license is a major blocker.
> The other blocker is that it proactively requires that any software
> used in association be GPL licensed (or a compatible license).

The above is simply mistaken:  The licence obligation to comply with the
reciprocal clause in order to qualify for permission under a GPL (or
other similar copyleft licence) to redistribute or create/distribute
derivative works extends only to the edge of derivative works.

"Derivative work" is a term of art in copyright law.  If you wish to
fully understand what it means as applied by the courts, read the
following decisions:

o Computer Associates International, Inc. v. Altai, Inc. FN53: 982 F.2d
  693, 23 USPQ2d 1241 2d Cir. 1992
o Gates Rubber v. Bando Chemical, FN57: 9 F.3d 823, 28 USPQ2d 1503 10th
  Cir. 1993

> So, to say, Microsoft couldn't use librandomlibrary for whatever
> reason in Windows, because librandomlibrary is GPL licensed.

So, you're basically saying SFU/Interix doesn't exist.  That'll be a big
shock to Microsoft Corporation!  Have you told them?

> That's the kind of freedom I'm after.

OK, start coding, and quit embarrassing yourself in public.

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