[svlug] RANT: Ubuntu is Evil - think before posting , please

Tom Digby bubbles at well.com
Sun Jan 17 09:30:12 PST 2010

Skip Evans wrote:

> But I just felt a bit weird about guys with cell phones 
> sending GPS coordinates to a map when they see a girl walking 
> down the street to report her whereabouts without her knowledge.
> Of course any technology can be and does get misused, but I 
> just feel mildly creeped out by a system designed for a guy to 
> go "Man, she's hot. She needs to be on the map!" Beep! And 
> then a red dot appears somewhere saying, "There's a good 
> looking girl here," and she had no say in the matter at all.

What's to keep people who don't like this from installing it and hitting 
the button at random, basically injecting noise into the system?  Would 
any plausible number of such dissenters reduce the signal-to-noise ratio 
enough to discourage people from using the service?

                      Tom Digby

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