[svlug] RANT: Ubuntu is Evil

Chris Miller lordsauronthegreat at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 22:05:26 PST 2010

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 5:07 PM, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> I wrote:
>> I'll send you $50 if you can cite to me any codebase licensed under
>> GPLv2 or GPLv3 (or any combination thereof) that I am not permitted
>> to use in commerce _or_ am not permitted to sell to others.
> ...where that inability is on grounds of the licensing.  (Telling me
> about one where that deficiency is caused by, say, a patent problem
> doesn't qualify.)

The provisions that all software must use the GPL or a "compatible"
license is a major blocker.

The other blocker is that it proactively requires that any software
used in association be GPL licensed (or a compatible license).

So, to say, Microsoft couldn't use librandomlibrary for whatever
reason in Windows, because librandomlibrary is GPL licensed.  They
would have to make the entire Windows codebase (or at least portions
of it) GPL.

Is it really freedom if you're free to do whatever you want with the
software AS LONG AS it fits within a subset of abilities - such as
using it with whatever software I please?  This is why I like the BSD
license: you can use the software for whatever, they don't start
modifying what you can do with your other software if it touches the
GPL on a source level.

In the software I write, I prefer BSD because I want people to be able
to use my code, whether they're working for Umbrella Corporation and
can't convince a Pointy-Haired boss that Open-Source is permissible,
or if they're working on something Open-Source already.  Because of my
use of the BSD license, people are more free to use my work, without
having to worry about whether someone is going to report them to GPL

That's the kind of freedom I'm after.  If that freedom is really so
much better, it will prove infectious and a good portion of the
industry will embrace it.  Either that or this "good always triumphs
over evil" stuff is all nonsense and we really need evil to protect
the good (the evil of compulsory licensing).

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 8:08 PM, Brian J. Tarricone <bjt23 at cornell.edu> wrote:
> Ok, time for some troll-feeding...

All fine as long as you can keep it professional.

> * snip! *

Nope, didn't keep it professional or polite.

Sorry, this troll was evidently too smart for you.  Better luck next time!

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