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Sat Jan 16 14:52:43 PST 2010

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 2:33 PM, Greg Holmberg <greg at holmberg.to> wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 06:26:24PM -0800, Chris Miller wrote:
>> I work as an intern at an iPhone app development startup. Awesome
>> job ... "Hottie Spotter," ... is a geotagging service for hotties
>> (people). You have your iPhone, you see a hot babe or hot guy ....
> Heh heh. Two genders for "heatseeking" is not going to be enough,
> anywhere. In the San Francisco Bay Area? The idea of starting out
> with only two genders made me laugh out loud. :)
> Just sayin'.

2! = 4

Is there a strong market incentive to go beyond this?

>> I prefer to use the Sun JRE. ... Evidently you cannot get the
>> Sun JRE from an Ubuntu repository in 9.10. Thank you for wasting
>> 30 minutes of my life, Ubuntu, trying to figure this out.
> Hah! Yes.
> Someday when you're bored, you can get FreeBSD 8.0 and try to build
> genuine Sun Java in ports. You could easily waste hours, and because
> the libs are all under different licenses, you can't share your work. :)

I've actually been considering running NetBSD for my personal server,
just because the GPL is evil.  This whole anti-commercial use thing is
really silly IMHO.  Open Source has such a potential to further
computing, but if there's a sectarian divide between those who sell
their work for money and those who adhere strictly to the GPL, then
it's not going to create that ideal world.  In my estimation, the BSD
license is a better step towards truly open computing.

I still haven't gotten my head far enough up ideology's rear to spend
time switching my site over to BSD, but it's been on the back-burner
of my mind.

>> Ubuntu is evil because it breaks existing software. ... when
>> you upgrade Ubuntu, you break all the existing software.
> This is true often enough. "All" is a sweeping generalization,

Perhaps, but I did wrap it in <rant> tags, so you should at least be
expecting some level of bombastic speech.

> but for anyone who has ever had to dig out of a "simple, minor"
> upgrade the way that Chris did, it does seem like the required
> fixes are endless (at the time).
> Hours and hours of breakage is too much. By itself, the fact that
> such situations can occur at all is enough justification to convince
> me that Ubuntu packaging as a whole is architecturally unsound.

I don't think it's architecturally unsound.  Debian itself is capable
of doing this without much problem at all.  I think that Ubuntu's
execution of this packaging leaves much to be wanted.

> And all this for a hottie hunter mashup?

I know, a mountain for a molehill.

> People might not want to share their favorite hottie hunting
> locations, or they might might not want to cop to where (or how)
> they have been trolling for earthly delights. Do your potential
> customers know that iPhone developers can pull the unit's phone
> number, even if they don't need to? Just what I want -- I label

Actually we can pull the phone's UDID, and if you push "accept" to the
StoreKit prompt we can access your Apple ID for the purposes of
ensuring that in-app purchases are shared across all devices you own.

If you want a real scare, look at Flurry/Pinch Media.

Many developers have decided to use these analytics tools to see who
uses their applications and how.  Some interesting bits that we know
about you:

* When you start the app, and how long you use it
* Where you are (down to the country - the exact location is
obfuscated on the device for privacy reasons)

More interestingly, we get an aggregate of all this.  So we can
analyze which countries we have good market proliferation in, etc.

> the woman examining the romaine as "smokin volcanic hot", and my
> copy of Mouse House wakes up to grab some secret name-and-shame.

I actually know the fellow who wrote that.  MH2 for Wii just got
approved last night!

I think he uses Flurry as well in MH and MH2.

> You don't end up with labels on the targets, but you do end up
> creating a fine-grained database of sexual preference(s) across
> high end smart phone users.

Hmm, the sample set being limited exclusively to those with both the
means and desire to own an iPhone is an interesting limiting factor...

> But, back to the Ubuntu evil ...
> I think there is a larger audience for a site like "Crap I Hate".
> You could make a toolbar, and label ubuntu.com as "pure evil". One
> banner ad on foxnews.com, and you should have a profitable business.

I have another friend who had that same idea.  He wanted to call the
site "How Stooopid is that?"  Imagine someone yelling that in a rather
light Canadian accent.  It was hilarious.  Mainly for stuff like
people who don't use their turn signals while driving and what not,
but you get the idea.  Kind of a Failblog.org for stupid.

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