[svlug] RANT: Ubuntu is Evil

Greg Holmberg svlug-288 at holmberg.to
Sat Jan 16 14:38:46 PST 2010

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 06:26:24PM -0800, Chris Miller wrote:
> I work as an intern at an iPhone app development startup. Awesome
> job ... "Hottie Spotter," ... is a geotagging service for hotties
> (people). You have your iPhone, you see a hot babe or hot guy ....

Heh heh. Two genders for "heatseeking" is not going to be enough,
anywhere. In the San Francisco Bay Area? The idea of starting out
with only two genders made me laugh out loud. :)

Just sayin'.

> I prefer to use the Sun JRE. ... Evidently you cannot get the
> Sun JRE from an Ubuntu repository in 9.10. Thank you for wasting
> 30 minutes of my life, Ubuntu, trying to figure this out.

Hah! Yes.

Someday when you're bored, you can get FreeBSD 8.0 and try to build
genuine Sun Java in ports. You could easily waste hours, and because
the libs are all under different licenses, you can't share your work. :)

> Ubuntu is evil because it breaks existing software. ... when
> you upgrade Ubuntu, you break all the existing software.

This is true often enough. "All" is a sweeping generalization,
but for anyone who has ever had to dig out of a "simple, minor"
upgrade the way that Chris did, it does seem like the required
fixes are endless (at the time).

Hours and hours of breakage is too much. By itself, the fact that
such situations can occur at all is enough justification to convince
me that Ubuntu packaging as a whole is architecturally unsound.

And all this for a hottie hunter mashup?

People might not want to share their favorite hottie hunting
locations, or they might might not want to cop to where (or how)
they have been trolling for earthly delights. Do your potential
customers know that iPhone developers can pull the unit's phone
number, even if they don't need to? Just what I want -- I label
the woman examining the romaine as "smokin volcanic hot", and my
copy of Mouse House wakes up to grab some secret name-and-shame.
You don't end up with labels on the targets, but you do end up
creating a fine-grained database of sexual preference(s) across
high end smart phone users.

But, back to the Ubuntu evil ...

I think there is a larger audience for a site like "Crap I Hate".
You could make a toolbar, and label ubuntu.com as "pure evil". One
banner ad on foxnews.com, and you should have a profitable business.

Hope everyone is having a nice, dry, sunny Saturday,


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