[svlug] RANT: Ubuntu is Evil

Skip Evans skip at bigskypenguin.com
Fri Jan 15 19:28:59 PST 2010

Hey Chris,

Well, I guess since craigslist can be, and has been, used for 
evil stuff, most technology can in the wrong hands, but what 
about the privacy of individuals walking down the street and 
their locations are sent to a database and a map?

I know their names, and I imagine their images, are not 
included, but the whole concept sounds invasive. However I can 
see a certain playful voyeurism that many in our culture will 
buy into.

Profit rules.

Skip "Not a Hottie" Evans	

PS. The application of Japanese whalers is indeed an 
insightful one. Let's hope for the whales sake there are none 
on this list.

Chris Miller wrote:
> On Jan 15, 2010, at 6:45 PM, Skip Evans wrote:
>> Your potentially valid criticisms of Ubuntu aside...
> Very valid, but the story is what really demonstrates the validity.
>> Um... you write software that tells potential rapists and like-minded deviants where they can find their targets. Does it scan for age? Can a 12 year old be a hottie?
> My bosses decided that this isn't that big a threat.  We've also got plans to do such fancy things as send tags in residential areas to /dev/null (or whatever the SQL equivalent is) if something gets out of hand.
>> What a service to mankind you are providing. But what do I know; not possessing your eloquently enumerated skills, I'm a mere PHP coder who uses Ubuntu everyday and considers it neither evil or god-like. It's just a decent OS.
> I'm just a coder; I thought the same things.  But ultimately I'm just an intern.  They pay me to write code, and this very narrowly didn't trip my ethics meter.  Someone has to purpose this app to the use of evil.  It, not being inherently evil, is something I'm OK making.
> Just because you can step on a thumbtack doesn't mean we should stop making them.
>> Sincerely,
>> Mr. I'm not giving my name because someone may think I'm a "hottie" and don't want my location blasted worldwide to potential pervs, Esquire
> Well, considering that all the tags are in one big bucket and you can't tell from a specific tag anything other than the gender of the spotter and the spotted, I don't think it has a large potential for abuse.
> I'm just an intern, so I don't get too much say in what goes on.  The way I wrote the server, you could re-appropriate it for whale-watching or something.
> And yes, then Japanese whalers could use it to kill all the whales.  Evil exists.  I don't dispute that.
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