[svlug] Replacement installfest venue needed

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jan 15 14:50:07 PST 2010

SVLUG owes a big debt of thanks to J. David Eisenberg of Evergreen
Valley College, San Jose, for hosting SVLUG's monthly installfests for 
quite a long time.  This follows a number of previous, generous hosts:

o  Accent Technology, Santa Clara
o  Computer Literacy Bookstore, N. First Street branch, San Jose
o  Google conference centre
o  Cisco Systems's cafeteria
o  Alvin Oga's lab (at one of its locations in Sunnyvale)
o  UMAX cafeteria in Warm Springs District, Fremont 

After this Saturday, SVLUG need a new location.  Anyone able to offer one?

All that's really needed is
o  A room accessible on a Saturday afternoon, where people can come and
   go, once a month
o  A couple of tables
o  Access to at least one electrical outlet

Some form of Internet access would be nice but isn't essential.

The Accent Technology (a computer training firm) and Computer Literacy 
venues were nearly ideal:  Both had staff there already during
Saturday afternoons, so nobody had to sacrifice Saturdays specially for
our benefit.  (Both firms are sadly defunct.)

On the Web site, I wll be noting post-January installfests as suspended,
until SVLUG has a new venue.

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