[svlug] ACCU tonight 'The State and Future of JavaScript' Douglas Crockford

Walter Vannini walterv at gbbservices.com
Wed Jan 13 11:58:54 PST 2010

When:      Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Topic:     The State and Future of JavaScript
Speaker:   Douglas Crockford
Time:      6:30pm doors open
      7:00pm meeting begins
Where:     Symantec
      VCAFE building
      350 Ellis Street (near E. Middlefield Road)
      Mountain View, CA 94043
Map:       <http://tinyurl.com/334rv5>
Directions: VCAFE is accessible from the semicircular courtyard
between Symantec buildings <http://tinyurl.com/2dccgc>
Cost:      Free
More Info: <http://www.accu-usa.org>

This presentation discusses the recent ECMA5 development process and efforts to improve the language in the future.

Douglas Crockford is a senior JavaScript architect at Yahoo! He is well known for his work in introducing JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). He has also worked on the computerization of media at Atari, Lucasfilm, and Paramount, was the founder of Electric Communities and CEO from 1993 to 2001, and the founder of State Software (also known as Veil Networks) and CTO from 2001 to 2002. Crockford is the author of "JavaScript: The Good Parts".

Meetings are open to the public and are free of charge.


The ACCU meets monthly. Meetings are always open to the public and are free of charge. To suggest topics and speakers please email Walter Vannini via walterv at gbbservices.com

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