[svlug] Investing in OSS

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jan 6 16:19:21 PST 2010

Quoting Bill Ward (bill at wards.net):

> The author(s) of MySQL should have thought of that before selling it to
> Sun.  There's nothing on that page that doesn't apply equally to Sun.
> I should shut up now though, or the lawyers will yell at me.

What you said.  (Not the bit about lawyers.  ;->  )

You're not the only one dubious about Monty Widenius's campaign.


   [...] I think that our time as "the open source community" is better
   spent fighting for more important things: against bad software patents,
   for open standards in governments, and that sort of thing, that will
   benefit everyone, rather than trying to wrest control of Monty's code
   back from Oracle after he's already been paid handsomely for it.

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