[svlug] Investing in OSS

Alan DuBoff aland at softorchestra.com
Wed Jan 6 14:09:01 PST 2010

On Wed, 6 Jan 2010, Bill Ward wrote:

> I have to be careful about this topic since I work at Oracle, but I'm
> wondering what makes you say they're "not a good OSS follower"?  They have
> their own Linux distro, their own open source VM solution, an open source
> filesystem, InnoDB, and plenty of other open source projects.  Oracle's a
> huge participant in the Linux kernel as well.  (I'm trying to stick to facts
> and not express any opinion, but any opinion you might infer is obviously
> mine only and not that of Oracle blah blah blah)


I haven't worked at Oracle since the mid/late 90s, and I'm sure 
things are a lot different, but as an outsider I just don't see 
very much effort to help OSS.

I thought their Linux distro was based on Red Hat, has that 
changed and they have an entire distro they manage now?

What type of filesystem do they have that is OSS? Are a good 
many folks using their VM solution other than Oracle customers?

Sure, they have bought some OSS companies, but have they really 
bettered the OSS community or have they use them as an ulterior 
motive to sell database software? There is a slight difference, 
for me anyway.

I haven't followed them closely so could be off base, and they 
could be doing tons of work with OSS. From my view I would put 
my investment in IBM before Oracle, but this is my opinion and 
the OP shouldn't just take my view for granted.

I do appreciate that Larry Ellison blows a lot of money on the 
America's Cup, but that's not OSS related. lol


Alan DuBoff - Software Orchestration

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