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Bill Ward bill at wards.net
Wed Jan 6 13:48:16 PST 2010

I have to be careful about this topic since I work at Oracle, but I'm
wondering what makes you say they're "not a good OSS follower"?  They have
their own Linux distro, their own open source VM solution, an open source
filesystem, InnoDB, and plenty of other open source projects.  Oracle's a
huge participant in the Linux kernel as well.  (I'm trying to stick to facts
and not express any opinion, but any opinion you might infer is obviously
mine only and not that of Oracle blah blah blah)

On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 11:58 AM, Alan DuBoff <aland at softorchestra.com>wrote:

> On Wed, 6 Jan 2010, Jeff Shippen wrote:
> > I'm new to Stock Market investing, and would like to help out OSS if
> > possible.  Does anyone know any organization that I can buy stocks that
> > would/might help OSS.  I've found the following:
> >
> > *Ticker*; *Organization*
> >
> > LNUX; Geeknet (formerly Source Forge)
> > RHT; Red Hat
> > GOOG; Google
> > NOVL; Novell
> > JAVA; Sun Microsystems
> Jeff,
> FWIW, I wouldn't consider Novell a company that has helped OSS
> so much, but I think we can agree to disagree on that. And I
> don't see Geeknet as a company investing in OSS either, but I
> haven't followed that too much. They help OSS, certainly.
> Sun was investing in OSS for the most part, although some would
> argue of their intentions, I believe they were pretty good for
> the most part but their open-ness has been tainted with a
> "Clinton" definition of open, IMO. Since Oracle is acquiring
> Sun, I would wait and see how Oracle invests, since in the past
> they have not been a good OSS follower, from my perspective.
> Other companies I would add to Red Hat and Google (what is left
> from your list) would be:
> IBM - has made substantial investments in OSS, and continues.
> Intel - also has made some substantial investments in OSS.
> HP - has investing in the past, not clear on the current.
> What I define as investing is hiring OSS developers and/or
> helping OSS projects with funds or development efforts.
> Of course, FSF is a good company to help if your a follower of
> OSS, but not a publicly traded company.
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