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Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 20:07:46 PST 2010


2010/1/2 ÐíÐñÖù <phoenixxz001 at gmail.com>

> Christian Einfeldt:thanks for your kindness!
> it is my first time to use mail list.i don't know if i am using it in the
> right way.

Don't worry.  Some people get grumpy on email lists in ways they never would
behave in person.  So just continue to try your best.  For every grumpy
person on a list, there are 2 people who will want to help you.  So just
take your time and try to learn from feedback you get from people on the
list.  But if someone is mean to you on a list, just ignore them, because
mean people don't deserve recognition.

> i also don't know the other function of it.

What do you mean by "the other function"

> i think it is my problem.
> my comput has 512M ram 40G hard drive,2.4Ghz cpu .i purchase it last
> month,it is second hand and i cost 500rmb(about 70$ ),it runs windows xp and
> ubuntu 9.04.

Okay, that is a decent computer.  You should be able to make good use of
it.  You will find that Ubuntu is not very different from Microsoft Windows
for most functions.  You should be able to just click and run the Ubuntu
Linux the same way that you would do with Microsoft Windows.

What would you like to do with your Ubuntu Linux that you are not able to
do?  It would help us help you if you would tell us one or two things that
you are having trouble doing with your Ubuntu Linux computer.

> i am very sorry for my poor english.

You are doing just fine.    :-)    You speak English better than I would be
able to speak your language.  :-)

> i don't know who is reading my letters,

There are lots of people on this email list.

Good luck!
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