[svlug] recommendation for linux friendly motherboard

Raj Shekhar rajlist at rajshekhar.net
Thu Apr 29 15:53:42 PDT 2010

In infinite wisdom Nambi Sankaran said the following On 4/29/10 12:16 PM:
> Hi All
> I would like to setup a linux machine with ubuntu 9 desktop.
> The local computer shops such as fry's or microcenter have many
> motherboards and cpu combinations.
> But they are not sure whether these motherboards will work with linux.
> ( this is, all the devices, video, audio, webcam,  CD-RW should work
> out of the box )
> Does anyone has a list of "Linux friendly" motherboards that I can buy
> from fry's?

I have had good experience with motherboards which have intel chipset 
(sound/video/network).  Asus would be one such motherboard, but check 
its specs first

Raj Shekhar
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